What is certified document?

Certified means to give validity to a photocopy of an original document. This practice can be given in different areas in which there is some wear of the said document. For example, we can be certified documents to prove the official character of such photocopy.

The contest becomes habitual when we intervene with authorities that we seek the assurance of the official character of the document. Entries in trials, oppositions, registration, scholarship application, application for citizenship,…

Types of certification

Depending on the type of procedure for which we need the contest:
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  • Procedures with public administrations: The registry offices of the different administrative bodies. These offices try to compare and certified the document, and return it later. In consequence, it will show the date on which you made the certification. So depending on who issues the document, go to the office of registration agency.
    Examples: Certified photocopy of the identity card or passport at police stations or guardia civil
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  • Arrangements with private entities: If requested in a private entity, in the form of certificates or guarantees. The ca must certify the veracity of the said document.
    Example: Certification of studies degree of a university, the university itself we will issue.
  • Where certified documents in Hand?

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  • Certification of documents in the town hall: sometimes councils compulsan documents for free , when we presented the original and the copy not only for requests from the municipality itself, but for other administrations. At other times, depending on the city council, establish restrictions to the contest, on these occasions, it is better to go to a notary.
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  • Certification of documents in the notary: All the notary offices have the active capacity of certified documents. It is called “testify” that the photocopy matches the original. This procedure has fees regulated by law, it is the same cost in all of Spain.
  • Documentation needed for certified

    To be certified it is necessary to:
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  • Have a photocopy quality the document in question. You can be already prepared or request that we the compulsen on the website in question (in certain occasions we do not perform this favor)
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  • identification Document of the person requesting the certification: DNI, NIE, Passport
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  • At times, pay rates that in some cases the request is for the contest.
  • Distinction between attested photocopy and true copy

    In the case of the authentic copy, has exactly the same validity as the original document, can be used as if it were them. This type of copies are requested directly to the agency that issued for the first time in the document.

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