In Perfil Asesor we offer complete data protection services in the field of RGPD regulations, ensuring compliance for your business.


Perfil Asesor offers LOPD audit services consisting of:

  • Preparation of a situation report that includes:
    • Drafting of data protection clause.
    • Drafting of the privacy policy to include on the website.
  • Drafting of the security document and report on the technical and organizational measures to be taken.
  • Preparation of contracts, forms and clauses necessary for the collection of data, third-party processing and transfers or data communications.
  • Situation reports and other informative legal documentation.

Registration and Adaptation to the RGPD

Our services in the field of registration include, among others, the following benefits:

  • Analysis of the state in which your company is in the field of protection of personal data.
  • Legal advice regarding the treatment and collection of personal data, as well as the management of the rights of the holders thereof. </ li>
  • Drafting a report on the rights of users in relation to their personal data, specifically, the rights of access, opposition, cancellation and rectification thereof.
  • Legal advice regarding the transfer and / or communication of personal data with other companies.
  • Drafting of the data protection clause to be included in the data collection form on your website.
  • Legal advice on International Data Transfer to member countries of the European Union and third countries.
  • Legal advice on the technical measures necessary to comply with the requirements of the level of security adopted.
  • Legal advice in relation to the development, development and implementation of a security document according to the characteristics and needs of your company.
  • Carry out a maintenance and updating of all legal issues arising as a result of the regulation of personal data protection.
  • Registration of Domain Names. We manage the request and registration of your domain names, as well as the renewal and monitoring of them, both generic (.com, .net, .org, .ws, .info, .biz, .tv, etc.). territorial character (.es)
  • Audit: The team of specialized jurists of analyzes and studies the vulnerabilities of your company in all legal matters related to the use of New Technologies and the Information Society.

Adaptation to the REGULATION: EURODATO

Adapt your company to the Data Protection Law


Unlike the LOPD, with a much more paternalistic character, the RGPD places all the responsibility of the data processing in the entity and demands a proactive attitude towards its security. Therefore, a mere administrative procedure is not enough, now it is about demonstrating that you apply the right measures, according to the risk of your data.


As you already know, on May 25 came into force the actual application of the new European Regulation 679/2016 on Data Protection or RGPD.


What is it?

  • Data Collection
  • Generation of legal texts, contracts and RGPD Certificate
  • Design and Record of Treatment Activities
  • Risk analysis and privacy protocol and data protection
  • Application of protocol and verification controls
  • Legal Advice

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