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Why use our employee portal for your company?

Business advisers have the opportunity to:

  • Provide a value-added service to their clients.
  • Adapt your customers to the regulation of time control.
  • Promote a direct communication channel between COMPANY – EMPLOYER.
  • Provide a tool for workers that allows them to have their payroll and contracts always at hand.
New regulations

It is established the objection for companies to keep a time record

See details of the new regulations

Through the modification of arts. 4, 12, 34 and 35 of the Workers’ Statute, the Council of Ministers of March 8, 2019 has approved the obligation for companies to keep a time register.

– The obligation to control the daily work time by the employer includes the rest of obligations established in Directive 2003/88, on the limits of the duration of the working day, the daily rest, the limits of the duration of the work week, the weekly rest and those related to overtime.

– The modification, made by Decree, aims to control unpaid or fraudulent extra hours, for which it will be necessary to establish a system of entry and exit of work .

– Companies have a period of two months to implement a system of time control, the employer has the obligation to keep the time records for 4 years.

– Serious penalties are established for the case of non-compliance 626 and 6,250 euros for companies.

Exclusive features


It allows you to have all your companies within the same portal. Totally differentiated and even the possibility with different work centers within the same company.

Massive upload of documentation

Upload documents in bulk and massively notify employees. Maximum security. Intuitive and in just a few seconds hundreds of documents uploaded.

Time control

It manages the registration of all the entrances and exits of the employees. Reports of hours performed. Easily assess the quality of work, detect irregularities and their motives.

Integration with access devices and presence control

Fully integrable with physical presence devices. Fingerprint. Biometric system with the safest identification technique.

Holiday control

Full management of company vacations and employees. Request, confirmation and rejection of requests. Quadrant printing Synchronization of holidays. Maximum control

Employee consultations

Integrated system of queries and incidents. Excellent method of communication between company and employee. Intuitive chat that includes the possibility of uploading documents. Notification by email in each message that is made.

Access to employee documentation

Advanced document manager, compatible with any file format. Download and view your documents. Customizable folder structure.

Mass communications to employees

Fast and intuitive notification to all employees of a company, a work center or even a department. Send documents to these groups or even mailing.

App for employees

Available APP for IOS & ANDROID. Download documents Transfer via QR. Request for vacations Sending documents to the company (low parts and multitude of documents). Full with camera of the mobile device.


Maximum control for the administrators of the tool. Controls all records, movements of users in the portal.

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