Step 1: Logo and brand name

Sometimes, it may happen that the chosen name and logo is not registered by another person before. The SPANISH patent and trademark office is the place where to register patents and trademarks. You should check that there are no marks, phonetic or graphic similar. This is the first step as it will avoid any possible surprises later in the registration process, you might meet the opposition of a trademark to prevent the registration of yours or to delay this process. The search can be done in the page in SPANISH.

How do I make a logo and a brand?

A logo is a design element easily recognizable and reproducible, which often includes a name, symbol, specific colors or trademark. It is a fast-rendering, and visual. You can make good logos quick online, at a very affordable price.

On the other hand, a mark it is all interaction and marketing positions carried out in your name or design that identifies and differentiates a business, it is your background and essence.

Step 2: Class activity

The SPANISH patent and trademark office divides all business activities in 23 classes and you will need to choose the number of classes that you need to cover your back. This is what is called “Classification of Nice”, which is composed of a list of classes, accompanied by explanatory notes and an alphabetical list of products and other services.

The official fees for a trademark and a class are 144.58€, and 93.66€ more for the second class, and further when making the presentation in the OFFICE or in the office face-to-face. The process can be done electronically which will be a savings, the process will be cheaper 122.89€ for first class and 79.61€ for the successive. The differentiation and the list where you set all the “classes” and activities: Nice Classification

Step 3: Request

In this step, we proceed to submit our proposal, to do this, you should fill out the request for registration of a national brand. You can download the form in the following link. In this step you will be provided with various options, both in ways such as in terms.

Where is the office in Palma de Mallorca?

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  • C/ Bastió d’en Sanoguera, 2
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  • 07002 Palma de Mallorca
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  • Phone: 971 176 615
  • Other contact telephone numbers:
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  • Phone: 971 176 616, 971 176 615
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  • Fax: 971 176 602
  • Step 4: Make the payment of the fees

    Now tap to pay, generating a payment letter that you will find in the following link of payment letter. Once you ll out this document, then you have to print it and pay for it in any office of La Caixa.

    Step 5: Examination as to form and legality

    The OEPM will conduct a review of the minimum data request, review of the other formalities you request. The SPANISH patent and trademark office shall examine whether the application is contrary to public order or to good customs. Within 1 month to correct possible formal defects in otherwise it means a silent negative, that is to say, will be desistida or denied.

    Step 6: Publication of application

    The SPANISH patent and trademark office publishes in the bulletin (BOPI) the request approved if not competing in any unlawful activity and complies with all the formal requirements that are requested by the entity.

    With respect to this publication, we will be able to oppose the claim, within a period of 2 months from the publication of the application in the BOPI, may make a claim who are entitled in accordance with article 19 of the LM, may file with the OFFICE an opposition to the registration of such an application.

    Step 7: Review background

    There are oppositions, the SPANISH patent and trademark office proceed ex officio to examine if the application does not incur in any of the prohibitions referred to in articles 5.1 and 9.1.b) of the Act. If there are objections or the application incurs any of the prohibitions indicated, the SPANISH patent and trademark office suspends the procedure and notifies the applicant of the objections or oppositions raised. The applicant has 1 month to reply to the suspense.

    Step 8: Resolution

    If there are no oppositions or objections ex officio proceed to the award of the mark. If there had been a hold or after the term of response, we will resolve the grant or a total or partial refusal of the mark has been or no response from the applicant.

    The brand has a life of 10 years renewable for equal periods so defined. To maintain the trademark it is necessary: – to Use it in the market. You must renew it every 10 years.

    You have made the registry of your brand, congratulations!

    To process in a more simple way and without complications, you can make your trademark registration in Profile Advisor (calle Gremi Fusters nº33) Palma de Mallorca. We will be delighted to receive you. , Contact us now by Whatsapp!

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