A fundamental tool to bring the accounting of companies and freelancers

Why use iPlusConta?


  • We facilitate the tasks of managing your business.
  • Create invoices in 10 seconds.
  • Calculate your taxes in a single click.
  • Upload documents to our hard drive in the cloud.
  • Access Contasimple, wherever you are.


  • Feel safe, iplusconta is very easy to configure and use.
  • You do not need advanced accounting skills.
  • Our system will guide you in all your operations.
  • If you have questions, we will be happy to solve them.


  • All our processes are guided by professional managers.
  • Our team of managers is up to date with the latest changes required by law.
  • Your information will be stored in our secure database.
  • All communications are encrypted.
  • At any time you can exercise your right to delete and delete data.
  • Your information is yours, export it whenever you want.


  • Profile Advisor has a plan for you connected 24×7
  • Anywhere, from any device.
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