COVID-19 can I fire my workers?

The Government is enacting a series of tax measures, labour and for citizenship in general, in order to alleviate the health and economic impact that the Coronavirus is causing in our country.

sick days: Paid for self-employed persons infected or in isolation for coronavirus.

In exceptional circumstances, any self-employed or contracted personnel employed, unable to work, the result of being infected by the virus or in confinement, is comparable to that low, that will have to be processed by the gp or by the mutual to a low for reasons professional, not as a common disease.

how Much do I get paid while off work due to being infected with the coronavirus being freelance?

Will get, from the day following the day on which you give to the poor, and while this lasts, the 75% of the regulatory base. If quotes for the minimum, which are 944,40€, as it happens to all of those who are in flat fee and that you pay 283€ of receipt, will get 708,30€ gross.


It may postpone payment of the tax (up to€ 30,000 without warranties) that arise from tomorrow 13 march until 30 may. That is to say, that the presentation of taxes in the first quarter of 2020 that is made up until the April 20, may request that aplazamiento.De time on the statement of income has not said anything. This deferral will be for up to 6 months, but only the first 3 will be the which do not carry interest, the last three yes that will accrue interest.

to real Example: a self-contained VAT, withholdings or the model 130 (payment to income), we quit paying in April and ask for a deferment, you will pay nothing until the 20 of July. You can ask for more months, up to 6, and will pay the statements, until January 20, but already with interests.You can split statements, which is not usually possible to do this (VAT, withholdings, etc.).


From the 14th of march until the 29th, fifteen calendar days, the citizens will only be able to leave their homes in order to:


  1. to Buy food, and pharmaceutical products of first need
  2. the

  3. to Attend to centres, services and facilities
  4. the

  5. Navigate to the place of work to carry out his employment benefits
  6. the

  7. Back to the usual place of residence
  8. the

  9. to Attend and care for, older, younger, dependent, people with disabilities, or who are especially vulnerable.
  10. the

  11. Navigate to financial institutions and insurance
  12. the

  13. By reason of force majeure or situation of need.All these movements will have to be done individually, unless they are accompanying persons with disabilities or for other good cause. You can also exit to the refueling at gas stations.


Close all the businesses and establishments related to:Education face-to-face, in any of the stages, whether public or private centres. He will, if possible, especially the education at the state level, in the form of e-learning. Shops and premises intended for retail (private individuals) except:Power. Drinks. The products of the first necessity. Pharmacies. Medical. Optical. Ortopedias. Products hygiene. Newspapers and stationery. Fuel stations. Tobacconists. Equipment, technology and telecommunications. Food for pets.Dry cleaners and laundries. Museums, archives, libraries, monuments, and any other place of public activity, sport or leisure.And, obviously, prohibiting open-air dances, parades and popular festivities. Close to bars and the like, and the authority may close any other activity that may pose a risk of contagion.In the shops open to the public must ensure that consumers and employees to maintain the minimum safety distance of at least one meter.

Violate the rules of closure as well as the rest of the indications for the citizens with respect to mobility can lead to sanctions. Keep in mind that these measures may be subject to change, we will keep you informed.

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