On many occasions the need to renew the ID card is absolute, because we need to make arrangements for urgent who are not able to give. Renewal of passport without appointment are only allowed for exceptional cases. It should be noted that such a renewal without appointment is unusual and reserved for the occasion on time.

Many users ask us if they could renew it lacked a prior appointment set, that is to say, if it can be presented in the office issuing the document, be treated, and get out with the new documents renewed by the national police.
To these effects, the answer is negative.

The general rule says that you can attend to any citizen that does not have the blissful appointment, as to do this precisely has created this system of prior bookings. The appointment prevents the agglomeration of the people in the office of Palma de Mallorca. This is the way to avoid endless waiting, and saturation with long waits.

Between the headquarters, for the realization of the identity card in Mallorca, we have:
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  • Carretera De Valldemossa, 13. PALMA DE MALLORCA (ILLES BALEARS) –

    Request an appointment to renew ID card

    Renew without an appointment. Cases in which it is possible to

    There are special circumstances that are considered force majeure, allowing you to renew without an appointment.
    These exceptional circumstances are often related to the following facts.

    Application for renewal to be found in Spanish territory for a limited time.

    Cases in which Spanish residents abroad and returning to Spain. Having a few days, it is not possible to request an appointment, due to the low availability.
    In these cases, the applicant calls on the phone to the police station alleging such circumstances.

    administrative Formalities.

    When the interested party is mired in some kind of administrative procedure.
    For example the sale of a home, and have very little time to close the operation.
    The call to the police station to be seen without appointment might be effective in this case.

    it is Not a case of urgency.

    Someone can think you could try your luck and show up at the police and try to be seen, because when he consulted the dating saw that it would take like a month.
    This would not be a reason to go without an appointment since the service will be complete and with all probability will not be taken care of.

    System of numbers or tickets

    There are teams of expedition that enable a system of delivery of numbers or tickets.
    In this case, go to the office, preferably first thing in the morning, and take a number to be subsequently attended to.
    This system of numbers is usually exceptional, and it’s not available at all offices of issue.
    It is recommended to call the office and ask if there is a delivery of numbers to renew without an appointment.

    to Note. The fact that it is an exceptional case is not garatizada the renewal without an appointment.

    Renewal of passport on grounds of urgent

    In the case of the passport, it is possible to renew without an appointment claiming a trip in the upcoming dates.
    Some airports such as Madrid – Barajas have office for issuance of passports. This is an office that only processes passports on the grounds of urgency. People who have been able to lose your document and have to travel in the next few hours.

    These offices of passport in the airports just handle the issue if it provides the ID, a recent photograph and the boarding card.

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