How do you get the social security number fast in Palma?

1. Tedious task in some cases

On a few occasions to get the social security number can be difficult task. Sometimes we need the number of affiliation to the social security quick instant. Unfortunately, the public entities in Spain are a little slow to perform certain tasks essential and very necessary in our day-to-day.

2. Digital certificate in Palm

To perform the procedure, you will need a digital certificate, through which you can access formalities with the public administrations. This certificate, will identify the subject of the causal event, in order to begin this process. The digital certificate will allow us to identify ourselves online in any search engine, and to anyone who will accept them.

If you do not have one, we can arrange us in our offices, with a cost of 30€

3. Go to the office procedures

To start this process it will be necessary that people in our office. This type of process you can do directly in our direction enabled face-to-face. The management is done directly with the social security, we will use the previous identification of the client to communicate the high. It is possible that this procedure completed on the same day or maximum the next day of your request.

4. Receive in your email the number of membership

The social security number will become a number of membership when the worker starts the employment relationship with the employer.

is Features of the Membership:
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  • Is mandatory for the persons included in the System for the purposes of rights and obligations.
  • the

  • Is unique and general for all Regimes of the system.
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  • extends the life of the people included in the System.
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  • Is unique.
  • This number you’re going to get it prior to the start of any business activity or relationship with the employer.

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