We are in full campaign of the income of 2018 and that is why today on the blog we talk about deductible expenses for personal income TAX purposes. In particular those that have to do with the expenses of a home.

The Law regulating income TAX requires for the purposes of deductibility, a correlation between conservation and repair expenses, and the income derived from the lease.

Therefore, those costs that the lessor has to face will be deductible as long as you get returns of capital, real estate, and in your case, be practiced such deduction in the following four years. In other words, the purchase of elctrodomésticos effectively would be deductible.

With regard to the reform works of the property, its cost will constitute a higher value of acquisition of the property and will be deductible and their amount via depreciation, by applying an annual percentage rate of 3% per annum. In the same way, and in accordance with the provisions amortization tables simplified will be able to amortise the costs of acquisition of appliances and other goods at 10% per annum, with a maximum period of 20 years.

Concept of rehabilitation of housing.

For the purposes of this method of deduction, is considered to be housing rehabilitation usual works carried out in the same that meet any of the following requirements:


  • That the works have been qualified and declared as action protected in the matter of rehabilitation of housing, in the terms provided by the regulations.
  • the

  • That the works have as their object the reconstruction of the housing through the consolidation and treatment of structures, facades or decks, and other similar, provided that the overall cost of the operations of rehabilitation exceeds the limitations established in the Regulations of the Tax.

Finally, are also deductible fees relating to the Community of Owners and home insurance.

All of this is so in the course of which the housing is leased. In the periods in which this is not possible, should be imputed income of real estate provided for in art. 85 LIRPF.

How can I save money on the income statement?

Reomendamos to all taxpayers prior to confirming the draft, put yourself in the hands of a professional because in many occasions can help to reduce the tax bill that we pay to the Treasury every year. Below are A few examples:


-There are tax deductions for homeowners who rent a house to tourists. Despite the fact that the Treasury and the Economic Court Administrativo Central (TEAC) have left this tax benefit for rents traditional (those in which the property is the habitual dwelling of the tenant), it is possible to deduct some of the expenses arising from the lease of the short stay, as supplies of light, water, gas…, interests and other financial expenses derived from the sale of the house, the expenses of repair and maintenance of the building or insurance premiums.


-Tenants can also apply in income a deduction for specific, always and when your contract is prior to 2015, which was when he disappeared the bonus for the new operations. In this case, the relief is the 10,05% of the amounts paid, provided that the taxable base of the taxpayer is less than 24,020 euros.

If you need more information on how to make the income of 2018 you can look at our blog post on what’s new in the income 2018 https://www.perfilasesor.com/renta-2018-novedades/ or call the office and speak with one of our tax advisors.

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