What has changed at the time of making the declaration of income? Continue reading this article and… it brings out the most!

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the Dates of the statement of Income 2018

the April 1: may request appointment contributors who want to get the Treasury to call them to submit their Statement of Income 2018

the April 2: the statement may be submitted electronically.

you may 14: starts the care face-to-face in the offices of the tax agency requesting appointment

the June 26: ends the term to be able to instal in bank account for the payment of the same in the case of those taxpayers whose result of the settlement is positive.

the July 1: tocampaign Income 2018


the Deductions in the statement of Income 2018


All those taxpayers who earn a gross salary less than 16.825 € will be able to see an increase in their reduction for income from employment. This will be 5.565 euros, instead of 3,700 euros of the previous year, for those entering the country less than 13.115 euros. This amount will be applied proportionally for those who enter between 13.115 euros per year, and 16.825 euros a year.

This reduction takes effect from July 5, 2018, so that the amount that is obtained finally will be affected by a series of adjustments.

Deduction for large families

Has been increased this deduction, up to 600 euros for each child you have from the fourth to the general category or from the sixth to the special category. May be applied from the month of August of 2018. So, for this exercise the maximum deduction is € 250 (€50 a month).


maternity Benefit

From the judgment of the Supreme last year, the benefits for maternity leave and paternity are exempt from income TAX


Deduction for maternity

This deduction may benefit you greatly in the outcome of your Income 2018 in the event that you have a child younger than 3 years old in the 2018. Being so you’ll be able to restarte up to€ 1,000 for the expenses of child care centers or licensed child. To do this, and to avoid later problems, it is advisable to ask at your childcare centre or the certificate attesting to the expenses that you’ll be able to deducirte.

In addition, depending on the Autonomous Community in which you reside, can also be deductible expenses for school material.

Spouses with disabilities

Those couples whose spouses have a disabled, will also be able to deduct up to 1,200 euros always your annual income is not exempt to be lower than 8,000 euros

Investment in new businesses

Have you financially supported entrepreneurs in the last financial year? Well then you’re in luck because for this campaign:


  • Increases to 30% deduction by investing in a company new or of recent creation, and
  • the

  • The maximum basis of the amount invested passes 50,000 to € 60,000.


European Union

If your family resides in another State of the European Union, you can apply a new deduction. In this way, the fee can be equated to that you’d have if all the members of your family unit lived in Spain.

Ceuta and Melilla

If you get income of these two autonomous cities, this year you will see increased your deduction to 60%.


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