gestoria administrativa

We perform all the necessary administrative actions for your business project.

Deeds and notarial procedures

In Perfil Asesor we will facilitate the procedures to carry out your deeds and negotiations with the notary.

  • Inheritances and Donations.
  • Buying and selling.
  • Constitución Mercantil.
  • Social Agreements.
  • Capital Increase.
  • Civil Society Constitution.
  • Mortgage Loan Cancellations.
  • Cancellation of Resolutory Conditions.
  • Loan Modifications.
  • Obtaining Simple Notes from the Property Registry (Local or National).

General administrative procedures

We perform different types of services in the area of ​​administrative management:

  • Certificates of last wills.
  • Criminal record certificates.
  • Getting simple notes.
  • Weapons permits.
  • Hunting and fishing licenses.
  • Inheritances and Donations.
  • Incorporation of Companies.
  • Legalization of Scriptures.
  • Opening Licenses.

Vehicles and Transportation

In Perfil Asesor we manage all the procedures related to your vehicle:

  • Driving Permissions.
  • Duplicates.
  • Registrations.
  • Transfers.
  • Obtaining Traffic Reports.
  • Driver’s license renewals.
  • Low for scrapping.
  • Obtaining license plates.
  • Bilateral international permits for goods and travelers.
  • Transportation, registration and visa cards.
  • Special transport permits for excess measures / weight.
  • Checkbooks of C.M-R. and Control Document.
  • Community licenses (goods and travelers) for the countries of the European Union.
  • International permits for non-EU countries: Morocco, Croatia, etc.
  • Special Transportation.


In Perfil Asesor we offer an integral service to our clients and for that reason we assume the total management of their insurances contracted with our mediation:

  • Automobiles, Motorcycles, mopeds and boats.
  • Home and Communities.
  • Commerce and Companies.
  • Civil Liability.
  • Hunter Insurance.
  • Life insurance, accidents and temporary and permanent disability.
  • Life Insurance, civil liability and animal retifadas.
  • Insurance Livestock Facilities.
  • Rental Insurance.


The Registry Management and Consulting Area performs all the necessary actions for the registration and / or presentation of deeds and documents before the corresponding Organisms or Registries.

This area of ​​Management and Advisory Mercantile Registry is formed by professionals with extensive experience as commercial and mortgage advisors.

Our services cover all the procedures of business advisory and mortgage management agency that a company can request, from the drafting of the document, the assistance before a notary until the presentation and registration of the same as detailed below:

  • Business Classification Service.
  • Apostille and Legalization of Documents.
  • Registration of notarial documents and deeds.
  • Cancellation of charges on farms and properties.
  • Constitution of companies and related procedures.
  • Sale of Limited Companies for immediate use.
  • Liquidation of the Tax on Patrimonial Transfers and Documented Legal Acts.
  • Application for Internet domains.
  • Processing of Official Announcements and Financial Announcements. </ li>
  • Legalization and updating of companies.
  • Domiciliation of companies.
  • Preparation and deposit of Annual Accounts.

Why choose consultancy and management services for companies of PERFIL ASESOR?

Quality and guarantee

In each and every one of our services, always offering the best tools, applications and attention, guaranteeing the best investment of our clients.

Experience and Reliability

Our professional trajectory of more than 28 years helping companies, professionals and individuals makes the knowledge to join the experience and reliability.


We know the difficulties in accessing services. We have developed a series of tools that save distances based on simplicity and permanent control of the procedure.

Legality and transparency

We have highly qualified personnel in constant training and information process. All processes are transparent to the client.


Simplicity when contracting our services and the FLEXIBILITY to adapt to the needs and modifications that are presented, allow us to have a “customized” service.


The rates are based on the scalability of the reality of the client’s company. We defend the “Win to Win” philosophy.

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