Surely you are interested to know how you can request an appointment directly in your autonomous community.

We all know how tedious that can be to ask appointment in the DGT , there are many grievances that occur at the time of performing procedures with the General Directorate of Traffic, as well as the time lost in going to the headquarters without being able to manage in an efficient manner the process that both wish to perform. In some cases the wait can take up to 30 days, understanding the hazard, which means not having the vehicle in a rule.

Luckily, the DGT allows you to professional make arrangements with your platform, and may enroll any action, directly and without the wait. Among the procedures we can perform:
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  • Traspasos
  • the

  • Matriculaciones
  • the

  • Exchange of driving licences
  • the

  • Change of address of documents
  • the

  • Duplicate document
  • the

  • Low vehicle
  • the

  • If you are looking to perform one of the steps, we are enabled to do this.

    In the case of transfers, we can perform the procedure at least 20 minutes, no waiting. If the vehicle is free from encumbrances, the buyer and the seller shall execute the changes instantly and forgetting any other misadventure. On the other hand, we will be able to advise you with the contract so that there are no problems in the future.

    For that the processing is performed at the time required:


    1. ID of the seller and the buyer. In the case of society (national identity card of the administrator and deed of incorporation)
    2. the

    3. Permit original
    4. the

    5. Tab original technique
    6. the

    7. purchase and sale Agreement. We can provide in case of dispense with it

    Download agreement of purchase and sale


    Just give us a call or email us for any questions!

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