you do I have to pull all my workers ERTE at the same time?

This is the most frequently asked question that we receive in these last days by our customers, above all, those dedicated to hospitality and catering (bars, restaurants, and hotels). The government’s measures lead to the desconfinamiento, they pass a desescalada progressive in that work allowed for part of the business is limited, according to the phases, in the following way:

PHASE 0: Opening from the small business by appointment, individual attention and services of kitchen
PHASE 1: Opening to 30%, agro-food, markets, hotels, …
PHASE 2: Opening of restaurants with limited seating, shopping centers,…
PHASE 3: More seating in restaurants, bars, night clubs, beaches, etc

You have more information about the phases in this link. The common question of entrepreneurs is:

If my final decision is to open to the public, do I have to reinstate 100% of the template? That is to say, if with a working volume very bottom, you have to continue the same number of workers as at dates prior to covid.

What is certain is that there are numerous errors with regard to this information, which implies a serious detriment to our business.

is The answer is that you should incorporate to the workers in function of the needs of your business and under no circumstances you’ll have to incorporate them all at once during the different phases of the desconfinamiento.

However, we must not forget that the FATE compels us to the reinstatement of all workers when the end of the alarm state. There are certain signs that lead us to conclude that probably the labour authority will allow a reinstatement and gradual, even after the alarm status.

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