It’s amazing the recklessness with which it has been put in place this entire process if you take into account the frailties which they share Spain and Catalonia.

The Central State has been manifest in the past ten years, its low height of a view. The permanent difficult arithmetic of the votes of parliamentarians, has served the nationalism as a crutch blind with which to appease their desires infinite in the direction of independence. Basques and catalans know very well what I mean.

The approval of the accounts for the 2018, have been parked because the Basque Nationalist Party, with the excuse of the problem of Catalan, he wants to be wanting a little more by the Government. How far? To infinity and beyond.

The high degree of interconnection between the territories makes a course step independence would have a brutal impact on unemployment, private and public debt, housing, pensions, poverty, corporations, foreign investment or sales in the rest of Spain.

the Debt. If one considers the public and private debt, and Spain (Catalonia, also for the part that corresponds to it) is the second of the major developed countries, more indebted of the world. The total debt exceeds 300% of GDP. If Catalonia says goodbye, how, who and when to pay this bill? What about of here comes the referendum, agreed?, the oh what a grace it

the Unemployment. Unemployment in Spain reached 17.8 % and in Catalonia 13.2 %. There are those who believe that an independent Catalonia (day 2, is D-day) would solve the problems of those 200,000 workers. What about of here comes the referendum, agreed?, the oh what a grace it

the Pensions. The nationalists do not agree. Some say that solution in an independent Catalonia would be immediate. Others, who would not have to worry because “pensions are contracted with the Spanish State that is the person who has received contributions for many years and must pay”. is The Spanish system of pensions, as in other democratic countries europeans is the delivery. Pensions not paid by the State. The pensions of today are paid by those who work and contribute today. If tomorrow a territory declares itself independent, their pensioners have to depend on the income of the contributors. And here come all the questions that one wants to imagine. Do the pensions of the pensioners catalans will be payable only with proceeds in Catalunya or quoted by the workers of Spain? Do Catalunya will continue to contribute to the common box? What happens with the myriad of different situations of people who have contributed a part of his life in a territory and another in another? What happens when a contributor at Catalunya is returned to your community of origin? What about of here comes the referendum, agreed?, the oh what a grace it

the estate tax. Josep Borrell, former minister in socialist and former president of the European Parliament and the engineer Joan Llorach, have been shown after a rigorous analysis, that far from 16,000 million euros to support the nationalists, which is the current fiscal deficit, the reality would be closer to 3.228 million. Even still the truth this figure, Where is the supposed generosity between the territories of the Country? What about of here comes the referendum, agreed?, the oh what a grace it

the Risk for the foreign investment. There are many signs that reflect that already there has been some moderation of the foreign investment in Catalonia in the last year. They have also appeared worrying aspects such as the requirement of clauses of the cancellation of the investment in case of secession. What about of here comes the referendum, agreed?, the oh what a grace it

the sales in The rest of Spain, amounting to some 44,000 million euros, compared to exports to the EU of 37,000 million and 22,000 million in the rest of the world, according to the Societat Civil Catalana, surely would suffer from a more intense to a possible secession by the logical impact of the imposition of tariffs by the minimum that they were. A report of Foreign estimated a fall in sales of 50% and points out that the costs associated with the “effect” borders and tariffs would increase prices by 44%. What about of here comes the referendum, agreed?, the oh what a grace it

the Banks, Bank of Spain and the euro. The Bank of Spain has warned of the risks of playpen in Catalonia in the event of secession. The employer bank and the boxes warned that Catalonia “would face serious risks of legal uncertainty” and threatened to “reconsider its strategy of implementation”. Needless to insist on the consequences of the exit of Catalonia from Europe and the euro that have already been highlighted repeatedly by the european leaders, and officials of the European Commission.

what about here comes the referendum, agreed?, what a grace it

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