If you’re on this blog, probably, you are interested in buying a property cheap investment in your heritage, or take advantage of any moment that the prices are lower. We are all aware of the high profitability that represents a property in a large urban area such as Madrid, Palma, Ibiza or other cities of Spain. The world of investment, and the auction is exciting and at the same time dangerous.

There are numerous auctions existing in our country: judicial, notarial, PME, tax agency and other tax administrations. The reality is that any kind of chollos are possible, the problem lies in knowing what is a bargain and it is not, because it is not an easy task, not everyone enjoys a bargain on your heritage.

If you have no experience you will need a consultant, I guarantee you, there are many problems that derive from the auctions that we discovered in our 25 years of experience in the real estate industry and the consultancy industry. The complexity of the volatility of the market, prices, loads of real estate and other thousands of problems that you’re going to have in the purchase.

However, we’ll explain how to start a formal auction

How do I start the auction of a property?

The most important step is to be aware of the auctions that we have active, so we can go to one of the two platforms, the official platform BOE or other platforms, unofficial as it is AlertaSubastas. There you will find all the active auctions at the moment. You will need to enter a digital certificate, and you can get it in the following link.

Step 1: find your area of interest
Step 2: log in with your digital certificate, or cl@ve
Step 3: Locate your target

In 2015 it is implemented the Auction site of the B. O. E., who advertised the Edict of Auction and the Certification of Loads.

Study of the property

The control over the situation is essential, as well as the rigorous study on what we are buying. We can check all loads of the same, the situation, registry entries, etc, there Are many points of view that we have to examine:
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  • physical Characteristics: The characteristics of the tangible property
  • the

  • legal Characteristics: The characteristics of intangible property
  • There are tools that perform valuation reports general as Trivimap

    You need to study as a professional all the entorno of the property and provide security to your investment, you need to check that this investment is not going to be a source of problems.

    We are very rigorous in the study, we studied the lawsuits and visited the property goes into auction, , and then we study the market with a document with our findings, reporting on the feasibility of the auction and the data is exceptional that you need to decide if you are interested in going to the auction or not entering into it.

    If in the end you decide to participate, you’ll do so knowing exactly what it involves and the problems that may arise in that operation, the various problems that might arise in various circumstances. Finally, you’ll be able to get to know this environment safely and as well subsequently to prevent them.


    to Complete the operation

    Some of the problems cannot be resolved in a few minutes: if you need our time and attention, the consulting services are perfect for you and your investments. is Hiring our personalized advice you will dedicate a team to solve all the doubts and decisions.

    we Offer our over 25 years of experience in the field of auction: we will not offer legal advice generalist, but the study of your investment, from the court records, the viability of the auctions; trust our sense of smell, never fails.

    Our guarantee is our reputation, and the opinions and testimonies of those thousands of people who have trusted in our team. Don’t ask if it is cost effective to hire a professional, but think about the following:

    is how Many times you have gone more expensive for the “do it yourself”?

    I hope

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