Income 2015: Phishing or internet scams

The time and the theme chosen by the cyber criminals, it is the ideal to get their shameful purposes. Camouflage the message, and the staging so that the unwary do not perceive the danger. Eventually, these criminals seek personal data and the account number or card.

Let’s be cautious and pay attention to any e-mail stranger that comes to us. We must ensure access to the websites correct (in the case of the statement of income:

On the one hand, the starting address should be:

Once we introduce our data, we need to look at that we’re entering a secure Web. The web-safe have start with ‘https://’ and it should appear in your browser the icon of a small locked padlock. After the logo of the Tax Agency figure:

To avoid falling into the trap of these criminals, we should:


  • Verify the source of the emails.
  • the

  • do Not click on hyperlinks or links that you attached in the mail, because of how hidden I could direct you to a fraudulent website. Type directly the web address in your browser or use bookmarks/favorites if you want to go faster.
  • the

  • Keep your computer protected with a good antivirus to block this type of attacks. In addition, you should always keep updated your operating system and web browsers.
  • the

  • be Suspicious if the email is written in another language that is not the usual that you have to deal with. Do not answer the email
  • the

  • To the slightest doubt, delete the message. If you’re not sure, ask at Hacienda or any other tax advisor. Treasury claims that, before any doubt about the authenticity of an e-mail, the affected person can contact the call Centre of the Department of Computing Tax (901 200 347).
  • the

  • Caution when following links in emails even if they are from known contact.
  • the

  • Caution when downloading files, attachments from emails even if they are from known contact.

Remember, the Tax Agency “never requested by e-mail confidential information, or account numbers, or card numbers of taxpayers.

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