Among the novelties of the Campaign of the Income of 2017 highlights the launch of the ‘app’ of the Tax Agency (AEAT) with which the taxpayers may consult the tax data, also available on the website of the Tax Agency. The ‘app’ is available from this Thursday in the ‘markets’ officers of Google and Apple.

The main function of the mobile application, in addition to allow the consultation of the tax data, available starting today, is to submit the declaration from the mobile in a single click” and from the own mobile phone from the 4th of April and until the deadline of 2 July. 4.8 million taxpayers used the application, The Tax Agency estimated that the new method will use a “minimum” 4.8 million of taxpayers as explained by the director of the department of Management of the Tax Agency, Rufino de la Rosa. That is to say, it is expected that one out of every four statements is made by the application.

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