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  • Master in Prevention of Occupational Risks
  • Master in Digital Marketing – Marketing 2.0
  • Master in SEO
  • Master in Writing and Creative Narrative
  • Master in Quality, Environment, Processes and PRL  NEW

Other masters: you can define a master’s degree by joining the courses you want.

  • Trainer of trainers – Occupational trainer
  • Trainer of training – online trainer
  • The Montessori method
  • Auxiliary of Help at home
  • Auxiliary of Nursing of Geriatrics
  • Attention of the Social Health Partner at home
  • Protocol against sexual harassment  NEW
  • Gender Equality
  • Gender equality and protocol against sexual harassment
  • Road Safety
  • English
  • Intermediate English
  • English for pharmacies
  • English for catering  NEW
  • English Advanced
  • German
  • German Intermediate
  • Russian
  • Russian for shops
  • French
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere
  • Pinnacle
  • Photography and Video
  • GIMP
  • Personal Shopper
  • Social Makeup
  • Hairstyles and Collected
  • Image and Fashion
  • Marketing
  • Neuromarketing
  • Time management
  • Management skills
  • Coaching
  • Commercial Communication and Public Attention
  • Window dressing and Visual Merchandising
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Criminal liability of the legal entity . Compliance Compliance Officer
  • How to speak in public (and be successful)
  • Content Marketing
  • Sales techniques
  • How to make effective and professional presentations
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Advanced Excel – Excel for finance
  • Excel 2019 -365    NEW
  • Access 2016
  • PowerPoint
  • Publisher
  • Outlook
  • Open Office
  • Acrobat
  • AutoCAD
  • Corel Draw
  • 3D Studio Max
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Creation
  • Dreamweaver
  • Flash
  • Web Positioning
  • HTML
  • Community Manager
  • Prestashop
  • WordPress
  • Advanced SEO
  • Analysis and SEO Solutions
  • Social Media
  • Windows 10
  • Linux
  • Presto and Project
  • Visual Basic and C
  • MySQL – PHP
  • Labor (100)
  • Fiscal (100)
  • Accounting (100)
  • LOPD GDD (60) NEW (150)
  • Contaplus (20)
  • Contaplus Flex (20)
  • Facturaplus (20)
  • Nominaplus (20)
  • Contasol (20)
  • Factusol (20)
  • Nominasol (20) Accounting and Budgetary Analysis (60)
  • Prevention of Money Laundering (100)
  • Warehouse Management and Stock Control (40)
  • SEPA (20)
  • QlikView (30)
  • Electronic invoice (20)
  • Evolution of the SME in the digital era (70)
  • ISO 9001 transition 2008 to 2015 (40)
  • Quality management systems in agricultural holdings (40)
  • Administrative office techniques (100)
  • Menú Engineering
  • Manipulador de Alimentos
  • Coctelería
  • Enología y cata de vinos
  • Seguridad Alimentaria y APPCC
  • Pastelería y Panadería
  • Cocina Creativa
  • Cocina en línea fría
  • Alérgenos alimentarios
  • Pescados y Mariscos
  • Quesos D.O.
  • Cocina para celiacos
  • Dietética y Nutrición
  • Dietética y Nutrición deportiva
  • El mundo de las frutas y verduras
  • Seguridad alimentaria APPCC Sector pesquero (70)
  • Maestro cortador de Jamón (40)
  • Good environmental practices cleaning sector
  • Good environmental practices in the office
  • Prevention of occupational risks (40)
  • Prevention of occupational risks in the hotel sector (40)
  • Prevention of occupational risks construction (40)
  • Prevention of occupational hazards vertical works (40)
  • Prevention of occupational risks graphic arts (40)
  • Prevention of occupational hazards offices (20)
  • Prevention of occupational risks in the electric sector ( 20) Prevention of occupational hazards confined spaces (40)
  • Fire prevention (20)
  • First aid (10)
  • Prl Commerce (40)
  • PRL Hairdressers (40)

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Why use iPlusCourses?

Online training not only allows access to education for all those people who can not attend classes at certain times of the day, but also provides a series of advantages that face-to-face training does not offer.

Flexible schedule

To combine work, family and studies is not always easy. If we add rigid schedules and compulsory attendance, it can become an impossible mission.

The most important advantage for the majority of the unconditional ones of the distance and online training, is its flexible schedule: to be able to study when you want.

Distance and online training It has no schedules, which allows you to own your time, mark your own pace of learning, divide the hours according to the circumstances, and combine your studies with your work and personal life.

Ease of access without movement

At other times, the problem has to do with the geographical difficulty of accessing face-to-face training. Thus, if you reside in a place where the course you need is not taught, you must decide between not training or changing your place of residence. Distance and online training allows you to access regulated education from any location.

Moreover, this modality represents an important saving of time and money in travel. You have the teaching material available on the network, which you can access from anywhere in the world. And the teacher is always a click away.

Wide range of studies

Distance and online training reaches all levels, all subjects and all pockets.

The success of distance and online training has caused schools to expand their offer and teach courses that increasingly cover a greater number of disciplines traditionally face-to-face The distance and online modality already embraces courses, professional training, competitive exams, degrees, postgraduate degrees, masters, and all kinds of professions.

It facilitates the student the possibility of choosing studies based on their previous knowledge and professional objectives.

Custom training

Not all students share the same concerns or have the same needs. Through distance and online training, students can focus more on their own education, either by choosing content or communicating immediately with their teacher. It is a type of training to the letter.

The teacher can make a personal follow-up, knowing at every moment the topics that each student has studied, their exercises and exams, each at their own pace. Distance and online training ends the era of a teacher and the same material to be shared by all.

Permanent content update

Distance and online training is a constant and immediate update of the contents, something that face-to-face training can not offer in the same way. A book may be outdated, a web page constantly renews its contents.

Variety of formats

From chalkboard and chalk we have moved to computer screens, with a multitude of tools that complement learning. The possibility of integrating content from different media enriches the training programs and offers many additional possibilities to traditional training.

By using texts, images and sound, information reaches the brain in different ways, and this helps assimilate knowledge in depth.

Introduces the user to new information and communication technologies

Internet is not an end, but a tool, but certainly a very useful tool in the professional world. For students who have not yet become familiar with new technologies, online teaching represents an opportunity to learn how to manage with ease in forums, specialized chats, videoconferences, etc …


Some people find it uncomfortable to participate in a class, speak in public, or make presentations in front of 20 people. Distance and online training provides communication among the participants anonymously.

Learn at your own pace

When you want and / or can, the contents are always accessible so that you can make learning compatible with your personal or work life. You can review the concepts as many times as necessary over time, unlike in-person training, you can access the contents whenever you need it.

Democratizes education

You can access the content you want, with the teacher you prefer, regardless of your geographical location.

Learning is having fun

If we manage to make the training a playful process, the level of assimilation of the concepts is much greater. When developing online training in a 100% virtual environment, the possibilities of achieving this are very high since you have many resources for it, videos, animations, etc …

Learning is doing

It is essential that practices are proposed in the training process, only when you face the real application of a theoretical concept is when you really assimilate it.

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