In the company “PERFIL ASESOR S.L”, we are dedicated to Administrative Tax advice, Labor and Accounting, of the highest quality, seeking the complete satisfaction of our clients in order to assure their trust and fidelity. We search for the excellence by applying services based on the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard and the fulfillment of the quality objectives.

As a working team, we execute our daily actions with a high service vocation. We provide our clients with quality services based on the following principles:

  • INTEGRITY: Sincere and permanent commitment to practice an honest and reliable relationship.
  • RESPONSABILITY: To handle the matters entrusted by our clients with excellence, ensuring the personal and team effectiveness in achieving the final results.
  • AGILITY AND SECURITY IN OPERATIONS: Following a proactive attitude, performing dynamic actions preserving at all times the security and integrity of all the documents we handle and complying at all times with the agreed, both in time and in shape, with the most accuracy and precision for what we commit.
  • CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION: We anticipate to the needs and desires of our customers to create new forms of satisfaction. Our quality policy is based on a demonstration by our strong commitment with customers to fully satisfy their expectations, according with the above-mentioned principles.

The General Manager of this Organization, as the maximum responsible for monitoring the quality of our services, decides to establish a quality police that guarantees customer satisfaction, future consolidation, efficiency improvement, profit and internal control following the suitable legal and regulatory requirements, and bets on a constant innovation and implication to improve the current economic situation.

This permanent challenge success needs the commitment of each one of us.

On this scope, the General Management decides to apply a Quality Policy that reaches and mantains the following objectives:

  • To evaluate the satisfaction and analyze the expectations of quality of our clients.
  • To provide services in accordance with established legal specifications and requirements.
  • To obtain the participation and involvement of all the personnel of the organization in the fulfillment and development of its quality system, at all the levels and in all the processes of the company.
  • To meet the requirements established by the customer, with a high commitment in the service.
  • To promote a management committed to quality, in order to ensure the future of the company and its development.
  • To sustain the continuous improvement of the quality management, with the priority of achieving the perfection of the services provided.
  • To ensure the maximum degree of empathy with our clients so that the trust placed in our company reaches its maximum level.

The General Manager
Palma de Mallorca, 29th of July 2016