On occasions we took advantage of the occasion to share a table and tablecloth with people of relevance.

Performing an extract of its statutes, APD is a Association for the Advancement of Address that was created in 1956 with the aim of contributing to the development of enterprises, through the development of their managers. Throughout these 60 years, APD has used different tools to achieve its objective foundation, becoming a prestigious forum for debate and the relations to the national and international level. APD is a private, independent, non-profit, international, whose mission is to promote and upgrade the training and information of the directors of companies and entrepreneurs through activities of dissemination of knowledge, training and professional improvement, contributing to the Common Good of Civil Society.

Today I had the opportunity to get close and listen to a character with an interesting past and a bright present. More than a hundred entrepreneurs of the Balearic Islands, we parked our daily chores to attend to one of the voices that have most to say of the international markets, and in particular on the process of internationalization. What needs to change.

There are many of you who know Josep Piqué Camps, (Villanueva and Geltrú, province of Barcelona; February 21, 1955) is a expolítico, economist and entrepreneur, Spanish minister of various portfolios during the Governments of Aznar from 1996-2004. From December of 2007 until August of 2013 he was the president of the airline Vueling. October 1, 2013 he was appointed managing director and second vice-president of OHL.

Piqué, with a direct dependence Villar Mir, is responsible for all construction activities (Construction Division, Industrial Division and Service Division) and of all corporate areas of the OHL group.

His past as Minister of Foreign Affairs and of Science and Technology, allows you to address global issues like no one else. We have commented that the world is becoming increasingly small. The new technologies make the news travel in real time to any place of the Earth. Companies must have a vocation of “Single Market”. And is that ultimately the consumer is at the center of the value chain. He is the one who ultimately chooses and positions a product.

“Asia will be the new center geo-strategic enterprise”.

He has spoken to us of the preponderance of the new scenarios-strategic. He is convinced that Asia, and specifically Singapore, will be the present of the Business. Do not miss the business opportunities that OHL develops in the united States. More than 30% of its business is concentrated in that country. Also not forget the four south american countries with interesting opportunities, for its potential as for its political stability, such as Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Finally Cuba, with the recent events, it will be a space reserved for the american commerce.

Finally, the Free Trade Agreement between the US and EU, in addition to that, inevitable, will be a necessary step and beneficial to both continents. In these moments all the economic forces of the world, they hasten to sign big partnerships to create markets that will dissipate and eliminate obstacles to trade.

Your last point has led to the necessary understanding with the economy collaborative. And is that Uber, Airbnb, Zipcar, Lending Club, and others, have come to stay.

the Josep Pique, a crack.

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