The statistics of failure of Smes are overwhelming, as they have collected a multitude of studies, 80% of businesses disappear before they reach the 5 years and 90% do not reach 10 years of age; these percentages change depending on the country, but unfortunately do not vary too much. Today, we speak of los benefits of business consulting.

the prospects are so alarming, any entrepreneur will ask How to avoid that from happening to me?


Most of the reasons for the failure of a company revolve around the same thing.

It may happen that we are too busy catering to our clients, who do not have the time to develop a Marketing plan appropriate, or that we do not have the knowledge necessary to develop that Marketing, that you do not know new ways to renew our portfolio of clients, which we do not know how to manage resources, inventories…

Although we call them in different ways are only symptoms of the disease that we suffer, is the lack of experience and lack of knowledge.


What are the benefits of business consulting?

You can’t be an expert in everything, each person in a business has a work different; and there is a type of employee that tends to be disparaged by many companies: the advisor, or consultant.

The adviser is a person who is not an expert in our sector, but is an expert on how to avoid that fall in that 90% of businesses that fail, giving us an outside opinion and objective of our business, offering us the benefits of business consulting in its maximum exponent.


If we add to that, their ability to assess potential problems before they arise, and the ability to enhance our sales and reach new customers, reduce costs, and a long etc of virtues, is a safe investment.

Unfortunately a lot of people when you decide to open your own company, to downplay this figure, and the benefits of business consulting, and on many occasions, he realizes too late that the problems that have come with it, or that the stagnation in which it is located could have been easily avoided; that is exactly the objective that we avoid in a consultancy like ours.

We are not talking only of the advisors and consultants devote our lives to guiding a successful company, but that we save enormous amounts of time, worries and money for our customers.

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