Making transfers can be a tedious task when it comes to recreational boats. We teach it in a simple way so that there are no problems in the process. What you can do yourself, saving other costs. In the event that you want to save the paperwork of the management, you’ll be able to contact us in order to perform the procedure.

Before you buy the boat always recommend that you request the Blade Seat of the boat if it is a second-hand vessel. Then shall relate literally to the administrative processes. It is important to consult this document prior to the purchase to verify the possible charges or liens that may have the boat. You can access this sheet in CAPTAINCY.

Documentation necessary to transfer the boat:


  1. Photocopy of passport current buyers and sellers. In the case of companies, the CIF and the deed of incorporation.
  2. the

  3. purchase and sale Contract signed by buyer and seller. Used this model if you don’t have any other.
  4. the

  5. Application of “annotation by change of ownership”, you can get it in the office CAPITANIA MARITIMA. The phone of Captaincy in Palma is 971 711 371
  6. the

  7. official Documentation of the vessel. Sheet of the seat of the Maritime Register Spanish, certificate of airworthiness, licensing of navigation or the role of dispatch and endowment. We will review that all documentation is up to date.
  8. the

  9. Settlement of the transfer tax (ITP). The amount is approximated to 4% of the amount that is reflected in the contract as paid for the boat. You can see the model HERE.

In other cases of transfer of ownership of boats List 6th and changes of List 6th to the 7th, will require payment of the registration tax or a declaration of non-subject or exempt. For larger vessels of 7.50 Mts. overall length, provided that no four years have gone by since the enrollment is final. After this period has elapsed will not be enforceable.

Steps to perform the transfer:


  1. When you have signed the purchase agreement, and we have cercionado that do not accrue charges on that vessel, we will pay the model 620 in the ATIB and seal the contract of sale.
  2. the

  3. Liquidamos the tax in the bank
  4. the

  5. Go to CAPTAINCY, in the district where you will find the boat. Notwithstanding the above, the Real Decree 1435/2010 of 5 November, in relation to vessels registered in the list, seventh, provides that transfers of ownership and other acts registrable may be made to the Captaincy of the port of registry or with any other, by the presentation of the title of acquisition of the property. We can Go to the Captaincy of Palma, Carrer del Moll, 1, 07012 Palma.
  6. the

  7. Finally, when communicating the completion of the processing, you’ll have to go back to Captaincy to pick up the new documentation.

Other observations of the process

The documentation will be presented before the age of 3 months since the signing of the contract of purchase and sale, from this date, the administration will compel us to pay surcharges extra on the ITP for have expired the contract.

Remember that Profile Advisor in Palma de Mallorca, we can make the change of the name to ship and to handle the property transfer tax. If you prefer to save on paperwork, contact with Profile Advisor.

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