1.To formalize the sale with a sales contract

Before starting the delivery of the keys, you must enter into a contract in which they indicate in writing the characteristics of the agreement. You should not deliver the car without a contract confirming the deal. You will also need the ID card of the buyer, you can take a picture or a photocopy. It is important that you do state the day and time of the delivery of the vehicle.


2.Ensure the vehicle is free of charges and the current of all payments

Between individuals, the process will continue in the Provincial Traffic department (calle Manuel Azaña nº50) Here we will check that the previous owner is current on all payments: fines, road Tax and MOT.

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3.Request an appointment in the DGT

You need an appointment in the Headquarters of Traffic, sometimes the appointments can take up to months, depending on the work load on the Provincial.


4.Pay the ITP in the ATIB

You should go to Hacienda on calle Troncoso no. 1 of Palma. You will populate the model 620 that will give you there. You have to go with the sale and purchase agreement and once paid the tax, your contract will be stamped officially.

You can also calculate on the following link, the amount of taxes payable for the transfer of your vehicle, it varies depending on age, year of enrollment, and other factors tax.


5.Change of ownership of the vehicle

You must request an appointment before going to the Provincial Traffic department (calle Manuel Azaña nº50). In the DGT will pay a fee, you must have with you the following documents:
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  • Printed in Change of Ownership Request
  • the

  • Contract of sale-sealed
  • the

  • Proof of payment of TAX (model 620)
  • the

  • registration certificate and latest tax payment
  • the

  • ID – original Document from the purchaser and a photocopy of the seller.
  • you Already have made the transfer, congratulations!

    To process in a more simple way and without complications, you can make the transfer of your car in Profile Advisor (calle Gremi Fusters nº33) Palma de Mallorca. We will be delighted to receive you. , Contact us now by Whatsapp!

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