Training is the engine of change, all professionals need training to evolve. The more you invest in a company in formation, the more quickly you will adapt to the new forms of production and greater competitiveness will reach in the market.

This is the main reason why Profile-Advisor we promote and encourage our customers to invest in grantsupported training. It is necessary, the employee will be satisfied and on the part of the entrepreneur implies a zero cost.


What sectors require mandatory training?
Sectors such as hospitality, where the professional need for training of food handlers, or food safety HACCP (hazard Analysis and critical control points), which is a mandatory document for companies in the sector with the aim of reducing the contamination of food. Also labeling of food, analytical control of foods, prevention of occupational risks in the agri-food sector, industrial maintenance, management and control of warehouse, …
There are also sectors where training is not strictly mandatory, however, it is important to know the types of training with more future, because we can help you to increase productivity and competitiveness.

In Profile Adviser are in constant evolution and we have a time of studying the economic sectors that need more training, type of courses and training areas with more demand. This is why we have launched our platform of courses: IPLUSCURSOS.

The new technologies, the advances in computers and new models of employment relationship requires adapting all departments of the company, including human resources and training. The digital revolution and its transformation influence in all economic sectors.
Ipluscursos is a platform of online training where the worker has the flexibility to combine studies with work. A platform where employee and employer will find courses of all kinds, from languages to marketing to information technology.

is The future of work is already here.

Flexibility, productivity and training go hand in hand. Technological changes have produced an increase of the micro-entrepreneurs that act together to large companies.

In general, there is a digital transformation that affects companies and its employees, why many workers will change their job category due to the digitisation, automation and artificial intelligence. It is for this reason that from Profile Advisor we want to emphasize that you must train the employees.

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