We help you meet all the requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation

What is the RGPD?

Some minimum requirements are established for companies on the custody of the personal data they collect and process. The European regulation expands the list of personal data </ strong> (IP addresses, location, …)

How affects?

It affects companies or freelancers , also to the processing of data in processes with third parties . It influences the treatment of any data. The EU wants to unify the laws that guarantee data protection in the member states.

What happens if I do not comply with the RGPD?

Prevent doing business in the EU until adapted. Fines are imposed on companies of any size (even self-employed). Fines amount to 4% of your annual turnover . Fines are imposed even if there is no actual loss of data.

Does my company need to comply with the RGPD?

Any company or freelance is obliged to comply with the new data protection regulations from May 25, 2018 . Each company is different and therefore has its characteristics, they have to take measures in order to avoid sanctions.

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    Phases in the adaptation to the GPDR

    Phase 1: Situation Analysis

    Initial diagnosis by an advisor in RGPD. Analysis of the categories of data processed by your company. Need study
    of external or internal DPO.

    Phase 2: Development of documentation

    Elaboration of the normative document adapted to your company. Drafting of mandatory clauses and legal texts (including web page).

    Phase 3: Delivery of the regulatory compliance document

    Explanation of the normative document clearly. Implementation of legal, technical and organizational measures in your company.

    Phase 4: Maintenance RGPD

    Access to the private environment of the “EURODATO” platform, for self-management. Periodic verification of compliance to obtain the
    RGPD certificate. Continuous legal advice. Periodic communications with the Consulting team.